Paul Kessler, Bristol Capital Advisors

Paul L. Kessler is Principal, Portfolio Manager and Founder of Bristol Capital Advisors, LLC. Mr. Kessler has extensive experience with emerging growth companies which, for a variety of factors, trade below their fundamental value, and, when necessary, directs the Fund to play an activist role with both company boards and executives. He is well-versed at identifying deep value activist opportunities in a variety of industries. He has broad experience in finance, actively sourcing and identifying investment opportunities, and negotiating, structuring and re-structuring investment transactions with emerging growth public companies. His experience includes many forms of active investing as well as negotiating transactions involving common stock, debt and/or preferred instruments or combinations thereof, including novel warrant structures. He has actively worked with executives and boards of companies on corporate governance and oversight, strategic repositioning and alignment of interests with shareholders. Mr. Kessler has guided and overseen over 600+ investment transactions, whether as lead, co-lead, or syndicate investor. His investments have focused on emerging growth public companies and, to a lesser extent, private companies that were on the path of becoming public. As an investor he has invested, provided seed capital, and/or founded numerous successful companies including Cheniere Energy, Cantango, The Los Angeles Film School, Allis Chalmers, Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Miller Energy Resources, Genspera, Start Engine, and CytRx Corp., to name a few.

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