Doug Leighton, Dutchess Capital

Doug is co-founder and a principal partner of Dutchess Capital, a Boston-headquartered global hedge fund, which has managed an investment portfolio of over $2 billion in transactional value. Doug oversees the fund’s risk management and facilitates all of the fund’s trading on worldwide exchanges. Doug manages deal origination in North America, Europe and Australia and is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. Douglas has founded several companies and has mentored several startup and growth management teams. He has over two decades of experience in equity trading, investment banking, asset management and the skill set to offer advice to startups and growth companies alike. While the funds are industry agnostic, Douglas has been largely focused on the legal marijuana market for over the past year, initially as an observer while he conducted due diligence for several deals, and now as an active investor and board member for several companies. He also sits on the investment committee of ArcView, the cannabis angel network. Through the Fund and personally, Doug has made numerous investments in ancillary businesses to the cannabis industry, in addition to touching the plant. Douglas has held seats on various boards of public and private companies, in addition to serving on the boards of several non-profits.

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