Dr. Frank Grossman, Chief Executive Officer, Orphanbiotec Foundation

Dr. Frank Grossman

Dr. Grossman studied veterinary medicine in Hanover, Germany, where he worked and conducted research as an assistant in a PhD program at the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich and was awarded a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. After partnering in a young start-up practice, he also enhanced his knowledge and personal development about natural substances in management of the pharmaceutical industry and worked alongside regulatory affairs, business development, project management, science and new drug development. He is also the founder of a successful consulting company in pharmaceutical science and strategies, and has been teaching pharmaceutical science as an independent lecturer at the ETH in Zurich for more than nine years. His professional interests and experience range from dermatology, infectious disease, nutrition and orphan drugs, to sustainable business and generating social impact.

Five years ago Dr. Grossman interest in venture philanthropy led him to launch an initiative in public health and sustainable venture partners, by establishing the non-profit research foundation Orphanbiotec. The foundation is supported by the Swiss CTI (Center of Innovation and Technology) Program, members of the Swiss Parliament, the Swiss Biotech Association, Venturelab, Swissnex and the Swiss General Consulate in California. In January 2011 Orphanbiotec was awarded 1st Place at the SEIF, Swiss Social Entrepreneurship Startup Awards for its innovative, sustainable and social business model. The North American center of Orphanbiotec will soon be based in San Francisco, targeting support and research for rare diseases through strategic sponsorship and the generosity of donors.